Welcome to Seeing at the Nanoscale 2013, the annual scientific conference focusing on nanostructural imaging, characterization, and modification using scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and related techniques.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet your peers, discover next-generation nanotechnology, and be the first to hear about the exciting trends and industry updates. This year’s conference features an incredible mix of visionaries—all ready to give you an insider’s view on the future of nanotechnology.

If you’re a user of SPM—or interested in nanotechnology—join nanoscience researchers from around the world at this year’s Seeing at the Nanoscale. 

The conference will provide an informative, intellectually stimulating and mutually beneficial forum on the below topics:

  • review the progress in and prospects for the emerging field of SPM application in energy storage, polymers for photovoltaic applications, energy harvesting and energy dissipation imaging;
  • explore emerging application of SPM in quantitative biomechanics of cellular and sub-cellular structures, and to develop therapeutic strategies along with in-vitro imaging, and
  • discuss the rapid development in high-speed AFM and real-time dynamics of biomolecules in action, true 3D nanometrology with controlled environments to offer SEM-like user experience and instrumentation for high speed AFM development.

This 2-day event includes technical presentations, a nanotechnology poster contest and AFM workshops including instrumentation overview, product demonstration and hands-on experience. This conference is organized by Bruker Nano Surfaces Division, Northwestern University’s NUANCE Center and the International Institute for Nanotechnology (IIN).


  • April 17, 2013: Scientific Sessions/Posters Session
  • April 18, 2013: AFM Workshops

The venue will be on Northwestern’s lakefront campus consisting of 240-acres in Evanston, Illinois (a northern shore suburb of Chicago).  The scientific sessions and demonstration workshops will be held at the Norris University Center (picture below), 1999 Campus Drive, Evanston, IL 60208 (see campus map).

Since its founding in 1851, Northwestern has grown into one of the nation’s premier research institutions. The NUANCE Center, established in the mid-1980’s, Center integrates three existing complementary instrumentation facilities at Northwestern University for electron microscopy (EPIC), surface science (Keck-II) and scanning probe microscopy (NIFTI) under a unified management umbrella, and consolidated into contiguous space.

Norris Center, Northwestern University  Lake Michigan at Sunset, Northwestern's Evanston Campus

Norris Center, Northwestern University
Evanston Campus

 Lakefront Sunset, Northwestern University
Evanston Campus


Plenary Speaker

Featured Invited Speakers

Scientific Sessions 

  • Session I: Photovoltaics and Green Energy  
  • Session II: Quantitative NanoScale Measurements
  • Session III: Ultra High Resolution Imaging
  • Session IV: New Probe Instrumentation - From High Speed to ChemID
  • Poster Session (Click here for further information for the Call for Posters)

Atomic Force Microscopy Workshops

  • Bioscope Catalyst: Combined optical & AFM experiments, liquids, MIRO
  • Multimode-8: Nano-mechanical imaging (QNM)
  • Dimension Icon: Nano-Electrical imaging, PF-TUNA, PF-KPFM
  • Dimension FastScan: High Speed AFM imaging in air and liquids

We all look forward to seeing you at the Seeing at the Nanoscale 2013!

Best Regards,

Northwestern University
Dr. Vinayak P. Dravid, Director, NUANCE; Chair, Scientific Program Committee
Dr. Gajendra Shekhawat, Co-Chair, Scientific Program Committee
Dr. Mark Hersam, Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, Co-Chair, Scientific Program Committee

Bruker Nano-Surfaces Division
Dr. Stephen Minne, Senior Director, Application Development and Training
Dr. Peter DeWolf, Director, Worldwide Sales Applications

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